Network and MTF Directors Course AUG 2023

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Day 1 Electives (Session 1)

Registration LinkLocation
Acquisition of Services, Medical/Non-Medical Device Procurement, and DHA Innovation (1 Hour)Embassy/Patuxent
J-8 SOO/IRIS (1 Hour)Cabinet/Judiciary
J-8 Cost Accounting/MEPRS & DMHRSi UBO (1 Hour)Old Georgetown
Labor Relations & Employment Law (1 Hour)Diplomat/
SEL Breakout (2 hours)Ballroom

Day 1 Electives (Session 2)

Registration LinkLocation
J-8 Facilities Engineering ProcessEmbassy/ Patuxent
Public Health (45 min)Old Georgetown
J-8 DTS, Civilian Payroll/Timekeeping & FM Certification (45 min)Diplomat/
J-8 Contract Management (45 min)Cabinet/Judiciary
SEL Breakout (2 hours cont.)Rooftop