Navy Dental Corps PGY-1 Residency Outcomes Survey



Do you feel confident, at your current duty station, to act as the primary oral health care provider for individual sailors and Marines?
Did the AEGD/GPR provide training in advanced dental treatment modalities?
Did the AEGD/GPR prepare you to provide multidisciplinary oral health care for a wide variety of patients?
Did the AEGD/GPR prepare you to function effectively within your current healthcare environment and with other healthcare providers?
Did the AEGD/GPR require you to apply scientific principles to learning and oral health care?
Did the AEGD/GPR emphasize professional ethics, lifelong learning, patient-centered care and acceptance of cultural diversity within the framework of a military setting?
Did the AEGD/GPR teach you to understand the oral health needs of communities and engage in community service?
Have you found the AEGD/GPR to be of value in your current assignment?
inferior to equal to superior to
Choose one
None/Least 1 - 5 High/Most
Physical Diagnosis/Medical assessment
Medical emergencies
Oral diagnosis/sick call/dental emergencies
Treatment Planning
General Dentistry
Prosthodontics - Fixed
Prosthodontics - Removable
Oral surgery
Oral Pathology
Pediatric Dentistry
Orofacial Pain
Dental Materials
Behavior management/sedation
Military Dentistry/Practice Management/Leadership
Professional Ethics
OPTIONAL If you’d like the Navy Dental Corps’ PGY-1 Specialty Leader to contact you directly to discuss your residency experience, please provide your name and email address or phone number below. Thank you.